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Adept I

I can't play a single game in FIFA 23

Hi, i had an issue with my graphic card and FIFA 23. My GPU is an AMD Radeon VII and when i start a game in FIFA 23 after a few actions during the match my graphic drivers crash. I tryed to uninstall my drivers with amd app and also with DDU but the problem is still here. I had the same problem with FIFA 22 but only when i open some packs in Ultimate team but this year the problem is in every single football match, offline and online. I bought FIFA like one week ago and still can't play an entire game without crashing. During the crash sometimes my GPU stops recognizing my two monitors and recognizes only one of them. Help pls i can't play at this conditions.

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Adept I

Hey davidesss69,

I'm having the exact same issue with the exact same graphics card, haha. Were you able to find a solution?


And have both of you reported this to AMD ?


I haven't filled out the survey you linked. I did send the bug report that amd prompts you with when you do crash. I'll go ahead and fill out the survey. Thanks!

Edit: I sent it in! I'm just gonna add my description here too in case someone in the future is encountering a similar issue.

Description of problem:

Hi there,

I've been experiencing crashing midgame, particularly during cutscenes that happen midmatch.

When the game crashes it gives me the error 'getdeviceremovedreason' DirectX Function Error Dx12Renderer/NvAPI_D3D12/DXGI Error Device Hung which states that a driver has not responded and that I should download the latest drivers. But here's the kicker (pun not intended), my drivers are up to date. And I am using Directx 12 as well.

As a quick note, here's everything I've tried:
Reinstalled GPU Drivers
Reinstalled Game
Checked for Directx Drivers
Adjusted settings on both the game and AMD Adrenalin - Had minor success when uncapping fps ingame, set to low render, and reduced the resolution to 1920x1080 however that didn't last long.
All in all, though I've tried every setting combination under the sun. But I've noticed that I'm consistently crashing during cutscenes in the middle of the match.
Played other games, ex. Baldur's Gate 3, The Quarry, Planet Coaster to see if it was an isolated incident, and it's just with FIFA 23
Temps run cool under load both below 65-70c
Average frames read 78-81.6 fps on AMD Adrenalin

Using EA Play Launcher
Windows 11
Ryzen 7 2700x 8 core 3.7GHz
Radeon VII gpu
Trident G Skill Ram 3200mb 3200MHz
EVGA 850 Watts

All drivers are updated, got even the optional ones installed. Windows has also been updated. The game typically runs with 79-81 fps, and runs cool below 70-65c GPU and below 60c CPU most times. The game runs well too until I get to cutscenes mid-match and then they hang and then crash. I've also reported the bug through AMD adrenaline.


Please note: OS and Catalyst Driver Version are not accurate. I chose options that allowed me to submit the survey. This was linked to me through the forum moderator.


Replying for posterity

If you're reading this and experiencing the same issue it appears you're at a dead end. I and the other folks who had similar issue could not resolve the problem, and or received help. For my part I made a several amd adrenaline bug reports through numerous crashes and made a report through a link provided by a moderator. I also submitted a report to EA Answers and their customer service with no luck either.

It's best to move on and return the game if you're experiencing what we have. If you're able to find a solution please share it with others. 

Best of luck!