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Journeyman III

i can't found drivers of my processor amd ryzen 5 pro 2600 help

- Hi I have this problem since I bought this computer that came with an amd ryzen 5 pro 2600 3.40ghz six core processor, with an ssd disk, 8gb of ram, A320MH BIOSTAR motheboard and a 1660 6gb graphics
- When I installed windows I dedicated myself to looking for the drivers for my processor but I could not find any, and it was strange for me since I had never heard about these processors but on the amd page I try to find the drivers and I cannot find any, it could help me solve this problem please


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The only processors you will find Drivers for are Ryzen APU and Non-Ryzen APU. Those drivers are for the processor's GPU.

Regular non-APU processors doesn't have any drivers to install. Windows installs a special type of driver automatically which you can see in Device Manager under Processors.