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Adept I

I can not find the driver for my video card manually

Hello, I encountered a very unpleasant problem!
When I want to find drivers for my video card, I cannot find it in the list!
What should I do?

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Adept III

Whats the model? 


amdfreak01 написал(а):

Whats the model? 

Radeon HD 7600M Series

Adept III

Also check Legacy Graphics if its an older card.


Okay, HD7600M Series is not a specific GPU card but a SERIES of GPU models under HD 76xxM.

You can download a free program called GPU-Z which will tell you the exact GPUs you have installed. Also another free program called SPECCY will also tell you the Make & Models of your laptop hardware and what software you have installed.


This sounds like a Laptop. If it is please post the exact Make & Model of Laptop with Serial Number.

Firstly, it is most important for you to download and install your LAPTOP AMD DRIVER from your Laptop's Download page. They are made to work 100% with your laptop. 

If everything is working correctly with your Laptop manufacturer's  AMD Driver, then you can try updating

to the latest generic AMD driver from AMD download page: 

If your laptop has a AMD APU (Processor with Graphics) then you MUST download the APU AMD Driver which will automatically install both the Integrated and Discrete (HD 76xxM) drivers.

If your laptop has an Intel APU, Then you just need to download the AMD Driver for the HD 76xxM GPU card. But the Intel Graphics and CHIPSET must be that latest version drivers installed for the AMD driver to work correctly.

HP Pavilion g6


There are several HP Models of G6.

Can you post your laptop's Serial Number please.

Just looked.


Inputted your Laptop Serial Number. You laptop is a HP PAVILION G6-2165SR: HP Pavilion g6-2165sr Notebook PC Software and Driver Downloads | HP® Customer Support 

HP shows drivers only for Windows 7 & 8. The link is for Windows 7 x 64 but you can change it to Windows 8 if that is the Windows version you have installed. It has very old drivers. Your Laptop has a HD7670M GPU card: HP Pavilion g6-2165sr Notebook PC Software and Driver Downloads | HP® Customer Support 

I would highly suggest you install HP AMD Video driver first to make sure your laptop GPU is working correctly. Also install the last BIOS version if different then the one you have now.

If you click on "FULL DETAILS" it will show what hardware the driver is for.

Once you have your Laptop working correctly and you still want to update your AMD Video driver:

1) You must have the latest Intel drivers installed especially your Intel Video and CHIPSET. Use Intel Driver & Assistant to update all your Intel laptop drivers.

2) Make sure Windows is fully updated via Windows Update.

3) Download the HD7670M driver from here: 

Your HD7670M is not supported by AMD with AMD Driver updates. You have a choice of only two:

1- WHQL 2015

2-BETA 2016.

If by any chance you have Windows 10 installed it does have drivers for that OS.

BUT FIRST INSTALL THE HP AMD DRIVERS. That way your laptop should work correctly.

EDIT: You can input the same serial number at HP SUPPORT under Laptops and you will get the same download page as I did under "Software & Driver download".


I think it best you go directly to HP support, get an account and login and ask for help.

HP laptops usually have an HP Support Assistant App.
It should be already installed on your laptop and automatically detect your exact system and then give you information about all latest supported drivers and support information.