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Adept I

I am never buying AMD again

I am never buying AMD again, the graphics drivers are worse than garbage keeps crashing my computer.

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Re: I am never buying AMD again

It might help if you posted your computer specs plus exactly how the computer is crashing with what Errors showing and what AMD Driver you are currently using.

If you didn't need to update the driver and just updated for updating purposes only, you should install the last driver that was working without crashing again.

Re: I am never buying AMD again

Then look for one topic without problem here :


Re: I am never buying AMD again

You might want to look into hardware failure. PSU is always a possibility or GPU, if it's gpu you are complaining about.

Adept II

Re: I am never buying AMD again

I got my computer for 3 month ago and it has been hell.

This morning the computer were working fine for 4 hour, no problem. Then I had one BSOD, after that one black screen, I have had 20 more in the latest hour.


I deeply wish I knew how unstable Radeon cards were, I have used my Radeon long enough to know what I am allow to do and not. And some of you people might say ‘well how do you know it is the GPU card?’

I can uninstall the adrenalin driver, and everything works fine, even boot up particular games that I normally cannot play with the Radeon drivers.


I have pulled every wire now, and keep finding weird behavior,

An example, I cannot boot up resident evil 2 and Warhammer totalwar with directx 11, but they work fine in driectx 12

Monsterhunterworld runs entirely on driectx 11, no what I do I get a black screen of death.


I must have discord disable, I can open it for a shorter time, but I have to careful.

Can get a random backscreen of death by just doing nothing.


This is my specc

Asus Amd Radeon RX 5700

CPU-typ AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight-Core Processor


PSU 850


My experience with Radeon is like, buying a Lego set, but the instruction is backwards and possible missing pieces, and a lot of your time will be trying to figure out how to make it work.


Just as OP says, it is very hard to be a supporter to AMD if they are going to hand out GPU cards that can rob your weekends on problem solving.

Adept III

Re: I am never buying AMD again

I also had serious problems with my card when I bought it like constant BSODs,computer freezing,
High DPC latency that was causing audio stuttering...I had a perfect working PC before installing a Radeon 5700XT.

Just some tips after many hours of troubleshooting maybe it saves you some time...

First download the amd cleanup utility. Run that and wait for it to complete. Also reboot after that.

Second install latest amd chipset drivers from the amd drivers website, not motherboard website.

Third install latest AMD Radeon drivers ( skip relive install if you don't use relive) That should get rid of all the bsod and other serious problems.

Also check if you have some asus or whatever vendor LED software running and try to uninstall that see if it solves anything. I had msi mystic light software that was causing some conflict and it took over a minute to boot my computer and without mystic light it takes only 12-13 seconds to boot into widows.

Adept I

Re: I am never buying AMD again

suddenly hundreds of people are having bad PSU's and suddenly they gone bad after people installed their new GPU's and suddenly they started experiencing these kind of problems...

You know very well that it's a problem on driver level... It's probably some really bad scenario, where specific conditions are met and the driver crashes itself or does some weird stuff, and it's really hard to reproduce for a lot of people.

I personally really like AMD, but they need to do something about their product launches, so far it's been atrocious with their latest stuff (yes, I'm talking about the CPU clock speeds fiesta, and now this), seems like their QA goes the same way as the one from Microsoft, soon to be non-existent.

Journeyman III

Re: I am never buying AMD again

Probably me too. Never had any trouble with Nvidia or Intel gpu. Was curious about amd graphic cards. I tried and this is the last one. With every driver update some things are fixed others persist. Can I just install the card in my pc and play my favorite video games without troubleshooting anything? no? ok...

Games are crushing Battlefield V, PUBG, World of Tanks. Not as often as in first day of use but they do. Each time the game is crushing Radeon Settings looks like this as if something went wrong with drivers

Driver Crash.PNG

Card: Sapphire Pulse RX 590

Driver: Adrenalin 19.11.3 - latest at the moment

PSU: Seasonic M12II-520Bronze

Tried install after amdcleanup another install after ddu, tried older driver, did skip ReLive and disabled Radeon Overlay.

Last thing to do is undervolt/underclock, those are things I don't like to mess with. The same reason I'm using i7 non-k cpu, I don't care about OC.

Adept II

Re: I am never buying AMD again

I have a MSI GAMING X version of the 5700XT and not had 1 problem with it after 3-4 weeks so far, runs great at 1440p ultra..

Ryzen 7 2700X

Gigabyte Aorus Pro X570 (latest bios)

Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200mhz

Windows 10 Pro v1909


Re: I am never buying AMD again

You are incorrect. Quite often, new GPUs draw more power than the GPU being replaced. A lot of people don't realize how important PSUs are to a computer and go cheap on it. The combination of cheap PSU with new higher power requirement results in unstable system.

There are no details in the post about system or issue, so it's impossible to say what the issue is.