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Journeyman III

I accidentally deleted AMD Radeon Setting Lite data but the shortcut cannot be deleted

Yesterday I accidentally deleted AMD Radeon Setting Lite, I can't open the apllication nor when I uinstalled the app, it wont disapear from my laptop start menu. I don't know what should i do to restore. Please anyone help me 

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Sounds like when you deleted the AMD driver it wasn't uninstalled correctly.

Download DDU and run it in Safe mode if possible if not on the Windows Desktop. See if it removes the Start Menu entry.

If not you might want to try and use Wise Uninstaller which removes Start Menu entries from the Registry when it uninstalls a program or something similar. I use a paid version of Uninstaller.

You can try and re-install the same AMD Driver and then use DDU to uninstall and remove all traces of the AMD Driver and its related software.