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Adept II

Huge FPS issue on RYZEN and AMD GPUs on Tangled Shore After Beyond light Update : Destiny 2

For some reason game does not make use of CPU cores and GPU at all at same spot where i get 50 fps a ryzen + 3080 gpu gets 110+ fps even 3080 does not see full 100% load but it's alot worse on AMD gpus i used to get 90 to 120+ fps in these ares where now i get 45 50 fps

here is video of Ryzen 3700X @ 4.5 ghz 32Gb ram and Vega 64 LC but i heard same issue with people with 5700XT open on side fps does not change even if i go 720p low or 1440p ultra

here is video of 3900X @ 4.4 ghz + 32Gb ram + RTX 3080

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Adept II

Yo !


specs here :

3900x + 6900xt  / 1440p

Run all games fine, but Destiny....

Tangled shore : 40 fps

Tower : 50 fps

Edit CVARS :  force_enable_multi_threaded_render_submit value from 0 to a 1

Better FPS but massive flickering.


Seems to be a Bungie/amd issue

Sources :


Can you contact Bungie, and resolve this ? its quite frustrating...




My specs

-AMD Ryzen 3600 4.3ghz

-Crucial ballistix ddr4 3533mhz cl15

-XFX thicc II AMD Radeon RX 5600 xt

It is not a hardware problem as I was using the 21.1.1 amd drivers and was getting average 50 fps in tangled shore (nearly the whole area ran somewhere between 40-60 fps. Other areas such as europa and the moon ran at 120-150fps all the time. However when I reverted back to 20.4.2 drivers I now get 120-140 fps in the tangled shore and 140-170 nearly everywhere else on 1080p low-medium settings. I don't know if this is a bungie problem or an AMD problem so I will be reporting this to both. I would like to be able to use the latest drivers while still getting good performance!


You are right but,

For rx6000 users, cannot reverse to old drivers because they don't support new cards.

thats why our only solution is that AMD work on it !


Guys, help us pls