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HTC Vive: No sound after installing new 2020 AMD Radeon driver. No Vive audio device. Only "USB Audio Device", but without sound.

I installed the new 2020 driver from AMD Radeon.
After that, I had no sound in the Vive.
Previously there was an audio device with "Vive".
Now only "USB Audio Device". That was an alternative before, but there is no sound on "USB Audio Device".

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I posted some months ago that VR had pretty much had it, not many games are even mentioning VRA at all now

check with the manufacturer and see what have to say


I cannot understand the meaning of your answer.


The  number of new VR games has slowed considerably


And how is that supposed to help me?
I do not play flat, only VR. "We do'nt play flat, VR Legion" ;-D .
I am 41 and I played Doom, Unreal, Duke Nukem 3D etc. 20, 25 ... years ago.
For example, I would even try Fortnite, but not yet because it doesn't exist in VR ...
But there is Rec Royale (Solo and Squad) in Rec Room ...
Should I stop now? VR is not a fashion that will disappear.
Since the Oculus Quest at the latest, it's been technically a mass product like the Gameboy. Mass market, like games on smartphones and tablets. Mouse and keyboard never reached the mass.
Games on smartphones and tablets reached the masses.
VR can do the same.
But VR isn't just pushing a button or pushing a mouse.
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VR gaming is more gaming than gaming with a monitor, mouse and keyboard or on a smartphone / tablet.

I think you never really played VR. Not "GearVR", Daydream or Cardboard, real VR with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Pimax 5K / 8K, Oculus Quest. Have you ever played Rec Room?

The new desktop version (only to reach more players) is no comparison, when it comes to entertainment.
Try Rec Room's "Quests") is nothing against the VR version.
And try Beat Saber on the Oculus Quest (or other VR headset, but the Quest is very straightforward without setup).
Or Longbow (archery, tower defense) or Slingshot (the direction "Angry Birds", but better), both in "The Lab" (free).
There are enough VR games.
And now, there is also a Half-Life VR game. "Half-Life: Alyx". For VR ONLY!

Try "Brookhaven Experiment" ("Tower Defense" horror ego shooter)...

triplicate posts tell me you have worse problems