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Journeyman III

HP Probook 645 G4 not coming out of sleep with 19.5.1 driver

I work for a large school district and we have recently given our staff at the high school (about 100) new HP Probook 645 G4s. We ran into an issue with staff using Chrome to watch YouTube videos. When we ran the videos in full screen the image would distort with fuzzy colors and you couldn't see the screen. We updated all the Probooks with AMD adrenalin software 19.5.1, driver 26.20.11000.13558. This solved the full screen issue but now when the lid to the laptops are closed it appears the laptops go into sleep mode, but do not come out of it. The screen stays dark, then the fan ramps up to full speed for about 3 minutes then the laptop reboots. We have power settings in group policy set to max performance so the devices should NEVER go into sleep mode. I have tried all the settings in the AMD software and the issue still persists. Fast start is disabled in BIOS. Any help/suggestions would greatly appreciated.

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