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Journeyman III

hp omen 800-041nl and Ryzen master under Win11

Hi to everyone  after buy the second-hand  Omen and upgrade the cpu and ram ,very limited on mobo HP higos ,from ryzen 5 1400 to ryzen7 1800x  and 4 bank of 8GB pc2400 instead of 2 bank of 4GB ,i cannot run Ryzen master on on win11 and try every trick showed in any topic read here. Can waiting for the win11 official release of RM or my system cannot use properly this software to get a fine undervolt and xmp memory profile?

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First Ryzen Master is not yet fully compatible with Windows 11 so until AMD comes out with a Windows 11 version everyone will have to be patient.

In my case I installed Ryzen Master when I had Windows 10 and when I did a In-Place Windows upgrade to Windows 11 it continued to work as expected. But I have a feeling that if I have to install Ryzen Master again while in Windows 11 I will have installation issues like other Users.

NOTE: Can't you do those type of settings in BIOS itself?

Especially concerning Overclocking or change RAM voltages?

In BIOS you should be able to change the CPU voltages also.

Those type of changes is better done in BIOS instead of through Ryzen Master.


Journeyman III

nope because the Higos mobo is a  430's chipset and lack more bios option to make fine tune of the pc likewyse every pc manufactuer does in every machine they products.

It's workly only for 3 second but returned to desktop and unable to make work again,i hope in a win11 edition too