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Adept I

HP laptop amd drivers problem

I have an HP pavilion laptop that comes with an A10 9600P, the laptop reports that it has an R5, from the apu, and a R7 m340 for the dedicated graphics card.

I can't, for the love of god, make the amd driver work for this laptop. I have already reinstalled windows 10 over 10 times, with diferent setups, but never with a successful working driver.

The problem is, when i try to start the Radeon Software, i get an message saying that it couldn't find a graphics card. The performance is really sloopy, when scrolling, opening and closing windows, and even when moving around the mouse.

What have i tried so far?
Installing windows with internet connection, makes it install the latest whql driver, dxdiag reports a 43 error for both graphics (R5/R7).

Installing windows without internet connection, and using the driver from the amd website, for the apu (A10 9600P), dxdiag reports the same 43 error.

Installing windows, again, without internet connection, and using the driver to the R7 m340, dxdiag reports the same 43 error.

I have tried installing windows with internet connection, uninstalling the driver that is installed in the setup, using DDU, disabling the automatic update of drivers, in the windows settings, and installing with the auto detect software from amd, results in the same 43 error, reported from dxdiag, and no working software/sloopy performance.

The official hp software to download their drivers, installs an old amd driver, that has the same problem reported above.

I have tried to go back to windows 7 (this laptop came with windows 8), and install an amd driver, before the adrenalin update, and they both work, with the expected performance of a working graphics driver.

I'm clueless on what i can try, to make it work, if someone has a solution, or knows what can be the problem, that would be great.

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