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HP Compaq Pro 6305 (AMD A8 5500B) pc fan making noise , how do i go about ensuring my fans are less noisy feedback appreciated

 hello  hi can someone give me ideas on how to ensure my PC ( desktop) fans are less noisy  both the power supply and the Cpu fan are making noises , what could be the issue   below is a link  with a video showing how my desktop is behaving  please do assist  

      link  below :

  ((( )))

feedback highly appreciated thanks 

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Noisy fans could due to obstructions (wire hitting fa blades e.g.) or dirty fans or the fan's bearings are going bad.

With power cord disconnected. I would open your Computer case and make sure all the fans are clean from dust and debris.

Turn each fan with one finger. It should turn easily and smoothly without any noises (checking your bearings) If the Fan noise increases the faster the fan rotates could indicate the bearings are going bad. 

There are some Youtube videos that shows how in some fans you can relubricate them to make them less noisy.

Make sure nothing might be hitting the fan blades like a cable or wire.