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Journeyman III

HP Amd A10 9600p r5 Code 43 NEW solution

                SO like a million of us been having this code 43 everytime you try to update the graphics driver on HP devices

and been stuck using the version from 2016 well.. It took me all night and even though im no good at computers I found a way. ... I did run AMD clean uninstall before i attempted this but basically I stopped trying to use the Auto Detect AMD tool and also stopped trying to manually get the drivers because the driver we get from HP that works is totally different.. Says AMD High-Definition Graphics Driver.. and the version 16 from 2016 is the only option listed for my device.. well I typed in a few different HP products but similiar ones.. (ex: Hp Pavillion 15 a00 series is my machine and i looked up drivers for an Hp Pavillion 15 BaU or something series and it had Amd High-Definition Graphics Driver listed and Described Exactly the same as the version 16 2016 driver ive been using but this driver is from 2018 version 20+ and it installed and NO CODE 43 it just worked. So ya sucks to think it was a waste of time originally to even download A109600p drivers and also using the Driver Auto-Detect. sP82032 was the package I downloaded installed and got no code 43 but again as i said i did use the amd clean uninstall first.  anyways Hope thsi helps.

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