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Journeyman III

How to use 21.3.2 driver on 6600xt?

As above - trying to run Folding @ Home , as I've done for years, however AMD's drivers seem to have introduced a bug after 21.3.2 that halves Folding performance.

Common recommendations on the Folding forums are 'just roll back to the 21.3.2 drivers until AMD fixes the bug'.

Problem is that I now have a Radeon 6600xt - which didn't exist when these drivers were released.

Is there any way to add the 6600xt entry to the driver's config file so I can run those drivers?  (Or, and I'm not holding my breath on this one, any way to get AMD's attention on this bug they introduced after 21.3.2?  I've used the 'bug report' in the Adrenalin control panel, but with no way to check status or response to that, it kind of feels like dropping something into the ol' circular file...)

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