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Adept II

How to remove ReLive recording indicator

Since the indicator is showing in the video (i have no idea why), i would like to remove it, but they seem to have removed the option on the alt+z interface..

What should i do to have it removed? Or better yet, is there any to make the indicator not appear in the video? Or use a custom indicator while the relive indicator is disabled? I'm talking about that "recording has begun" message that appears when you start recording.

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Adept III

You can disable it from the Radeon Overlay using ALT+R, all the way down in "Indicators" if i recall correctly.

I think they removed that option from ALT+R, i've already look everything there and there's nothing about indicator.


Open Radeon Settings -> go ReLive section -> click on "Scene" -> look for "Indicator Location" -> select "off" option.

It doesn't work. I think that indicator refers to the time of the video, not to that "recording has begun" message. That indicator was already set to off here and the message keeps appearing.

Which is really a shame, i would LOVE to keep both of those on the video if it didn't actually showed it on the footage.. The timer would be great if i want to record videos for Dailymotion since they have a time limit of 60 minutes per video.

PS: Is there a way we could ask AMD to make the changes on Relive? The only problem i still have with this is that the timer / indicator appears in the video, if they would change it to have both the timer and indicator wouldn't not appear in the footage (like action mirillis for example), the recorder woud be 100% perfect, even superior to Nvidia Shadowplay (which the indicator doesn't appear in video also).


Oh, sorry. I thought you meant the indicator on the that shows up by default on the left side of the screen. I'm not sure how to get rid of the notification that appears when you've started recording. I suppose emailing AMD support would be the better option because they can then send it to the team responsible for ReLive.

What is the e-mail for AMD? 


it might be worthwhile pointing out to them that 'we' probably dont mind it popping up on the screen to let us know, but the fact that it is recorded on top of the region you're trying to record that sucks.