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Journeyman III

How to install AMD Radeon RX 6600m Linux Driver? (MX Linux)

I loved AMD for supporting Open Source Culture and purchased MSI ALPHA 15.

Now saw that "AMD Radeon RX 6600m" GPU is not supported on LINUX.

No driver there.

Regretting for my decision.

Any Idea or solution. Help needed urgently.

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Adept I

Hi there, managed to find any solution? I too have Alpha 15, I am having the same issue.


Here is AMD Linux driver for the RX 6000 series GPUs from AMD Support:

Screenshot 2023-07-06 135117.png

Adept I

Thank you for the suggestion. But mine is 6600M series. 6000 series is for desktop. I have a laptop.

You seemed to be correct even though the AMD page just states it was compatible with the 6000 Series GPU cards which could also include the laptop versions.

After reading the release notes it does just mention Desktop GPUs.

Go to Phoronix Linux site forums and open a thread there. That is one of the best places to find out about Linux drivers for AMD GPU cards: AMD Linux - Phoronix Forums 

Journeyman III

I have same issue with my lenovo laptop (6600m  and 5800H). I tried to use opencl but I did not find a way to use this card correctly on Linux.
The amdgpu-install command with different flags does not produce results.
Lots of people are pointing out similar issues on stackoverflow

Will AMD support 6000M series graphics cards?


Let me be devils advocate here,
Did you make sure before buying that the card was supported,  or just went by you heard or read AMD supported linux so automatically assumed and purchased? 
Ok now that we established is not an AMD thing and was just not enough research.
When I started to go the linux route first thing I new and learned was driver problems, so I RESEARCHED and did my homework every time with specific model numbers and all before buying anything,
So having said that, do yourselfs a favor, in the future, before buying anything for a linux build make sure ALL the hardware is compatible don't assume that every model of whatever is mentioned will work, sometimes they are made specifically for a model and so on.
So yeah in short for linux before buying anything research.
Good luck, hope you get it all working.