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Journeyman III

How to get the overclocking last substainly?

Hey, I installed Ryzen Master and overclocked my Ryzen 5 1600. First of all, my PC restarted and after Windows starts it opens AMD Ryzen Master again and my Clock works very well. But if I manually restart the PC again, Ryzen Master isnt't opening and my overclocked cores are running on the old level. So actually I have to overclock my CPU everytime again, or better I have to restart my PC over the Ryzen Master allways to get the results last.I also safed the Profile I used to overclock the cpu!

Is there anything I forgot or is this the sign, that the Overclocking didn't work?! I don't get it. I also did a stress test after finding the perfekt Clockticks. I hope there's a possability to let the overclocking be constantly there.

Thanks for your help. (and sorry for my bad english, I'm german ^^)

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