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Journeyman III

How to get StoreMI to allow me to use my HDD

I have an MSI x570a Pro board w/a 3700x CPU. I found a good deal on a Samsung 970 EVO nvme drive, so I picked one up with the thinking I could use it as a stopgap to help performance while I got money together for a much larger drive later.

Unfortunately, StoreMI considers my spinning disk to be connected to a 3rd party SATA controller, even though it's on port 1 of the motherboard. The tooltip says:

Source device is connected to a third-party controller, please power down your system then move the device to an eligible SATA controller for use with StoreMI

I've tried a couple different ports w/the same response (though I've not exhaustively examined every port). Has anyone else had an issue with this? I'd really like to figure out how to get this working, if possible.

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According to MSI's website, SATA 1 and 2 are on a third party ASMedia controller, with 3-6 on the X570 chipset.

Arghhhhh, thanks! What a frustrating thing. The device manager in windows only shows a single SATA controller, so I didn't think there was multiple on the motherboard. I'll give that a try

Adept I

Hello thrilingcanary

I think your problem is another.

Your NVME is connected and being recognized perfectly, but StoreMI is unable to configure the cache on it.

When you physically installed your new NVME did you make sure to delete any partition tables on it?

For StoreMI to be able to use its NVME as a cache disk, there can be no partition table or data on it (like a "new" disk never used before).

Make sure it is completely clean using Windows disk management or using DISKPART via a command prompt. (

NOTE: always backup your data to another secure disk before any test.