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How to fix Windows 10 resolution issue in Radeon Software

Recently many people including myself have run into the latest issue in Windows 10 regarding Display Resolution being stuck at 1920 x 1080 & so i have pretty much discovered a quick fix to the problem by enabling EDID Emulation in Radeon Settings..

Personally my system is a Multi GPU with 2 x Radeon Pro WX5100 graphics that support 5K resolutions, so when updating Windows 10 Pro from version 1909 to the latest 2004 update, suddenly my display resolution got stuck at 1920 x 1080, I pretty much attempted everything to try & fix the issue even going as far as to Format my system & re-install Windows, along with pretty much every version of Chipsets & Display drivers.. nothing was working !

EDID Emulation "extended display identification data" seemed to be the next most logical thing to try & finally it worked ! & so i can only hope that it will work for other people as well.. Iam currently using Radeon Software 19.Q3.1 as for me it seems to be pretty much stable running in Windows 10 Pro 1909..

Please try to post your results running other driver versions, iam abit cautious because while changing certain settings ex GPU Scaling my display sometimes completely Blacked out & being forced to reboot the system, so iam abit nervous of damaging my display & even possibly GPU's..

So far some Pro's & Cons that i have noticed when enabling EDID Emulation, Radeon Pro Image Boost becomes available when previously it was not, but FreeSync remains disabled & Pixel Format has only 2 RGB settings.. 


Screenshot (3).png

Screenshot (2).png

Screenshot (4).png

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