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Adept I

How to find the driver for my AMD Radeon A4- 6300 with HD 8670A

Can not find my driver on your site so i can update. I get message saying no AMD driver or its missing. I have a HP all in one desktop running windows 10. My graphics and processor that is showing instilled are AMD Radeon (TM) HD 8670A processes  AMD A4- 6300 APU with Radeon (tm) HD Graphics.

Look forward to your help 

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Adept I

Thank you Kingfish but my processor says HD 8670A.

The one your showing says HD 8370D or are they one in the same


AMD offers generic drivers with generic names....which can/will be different than the OEM name This is the driver called for.

Thank you Kingfish for your help. So much appreciated for a medium skills computer user lol

But learning fast

Adept I

Sorry Kingfish but it didnt work. Im still getting error message.

No AMD graphics driver is installed or the AMD driver is not functioning properly.

Please install the AMD driver appropriate for your AMD software.

Will i have to set my comp back to factory settings and redo everything?

Look forward to hearing from you.



What could be happening is Microsoft. through automatic updates, is or tried to install another driver...very possible using non WHQL drivers. Depending on which version of Win10 you have, there are ways to prevent/or delay this. Search your computer for updates, and what updates you want to delay. I use Win7 so can't give you a screenshot. There is also good info here : 

In any event you need to clean install the driver in safe mode with the internet cable/or wireless disconnected from the internet. Microsoft checks for current updates on start-up.

Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers