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How to enable VRR on RX 6800?

Hi, how can i enable VRR on RX 6800? i am using a LG OLED C9, my TV doenst support freesync but it does support VRR using HDMI 2.1

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Adept I

Same Situation, RX 6800 specs show HDMI VRR. Why is there no Statement about this? The C9 is a very common TV...

Journeyman III

Also got the same problem. I've spoken to both AMD and LG support and they're both playing dumb basically.

Either LG doesn't support VRR over 2.1 properly or AMD have messed up drivers so it doesn't work without a Freesync monitor, or falsely advertised VRR capability.

Adept I

Agree.....have the same Problem....its really making me pay 1000 euros for the tv....1000 euros for the overpriced 6800xt and nothing works simply as it supposed to....when i possesed a vega56 i could turn VRR (via cru) on in radeon software and it was labeled as vrr....this trick doent work anylonger and actually i am fed up doing tricks all the time because it should simply work at this price point ...probablyast time going amd

Adept I

The RTX3080 do can do 4K120HZ VRR on the C9, so there should be a way AMD can also. It's frustrating this subject is so hushed up...

I tried using CRU too but it doesn't work with the new RX 6800, PS5 and Xbox series X owners reported that VRR work on the C9, so i guess it is a problem of the AMD driver since they all share the same GPU, bad luck for us.

i have both rtx 3080 and 6800xt, i want to stay on 6800xt but cant because my tv LG C9 supports only VRR and Gsync(btw VRR works perfectly on 3080), so AMD may be u will fix this issue with VRR? Thx.

Yes. The thing is that XSX hat AMD tech in it and VRR works also with the B9.

So the point is that either 1. AMD os blocking it or 2. (and i will try this out) the hdmi cable is not proper.

I just understood that there are actually a really small amount of certified cables. So it can be that the cables we have do not support it! In germany its not easy to get one...i looked for one in amazon but they all seem fishy. There is one in UK from ZESKIT which is probably one of the first certified cables...unfortunately i cant get my handy on it.
Tomorrow a "certified" cable will be delivered to me and i will inform you if it worked out (however as mentioned; it has a certificate but  thats not the only thing the cable has to i cant say for sure if it is really one). Maybe someone will get his hands on a ZESKIT for testing?

By the way since you have a 3080, why dont you enable G-Sync....out B9 or if you have a higher or newer model should be able of G-Sync....why not using this`? I dont even know how to enable VRR in Nvidia control panel, only g--sync )))

ACtually i was successful to turn the feature on via cru. However,  although its turned on, it simply does not work.

If you wanna try it out you can do it by downloading the latest version (1.5.1) and doing the same steps as before. However, the trick comes in that you dont have to give the free sync range from 40-120 (becaue you will have most probably the same issues as me with the crooked picture) but try using 40-100....this worked out for me and the driver changes "Freesync" to "Adaptive Sync" and you can toggle it on. I thought that this was the solution but testing the Pendulum demo it simply does not work despite the activated sync....its a pity.

Adept I

i've tried different cables ended with one "certified" from Club3D but did not worked though. My previous RX580 worked with CRU on the C9, so the cable should be able to do so. Beside, there many users of the RX6800 claim the same problem.

I just dont want to have to use a "hack" in order to get these things to work, as they should do without.



This Screenshot was taken by me. I had the RX 6800 since November and i could never get this VRR Toogle to appear. Then for a few weeks i looked into the driver just for fun and there it was! I did a screenshot but also saw the refresh rate was on 60Hz. when i turned it back to 120 in the Windows Settings, the Toogle disappeared... I couldn't recreate it, tried everything, 60Hz, 8 Bit, 4:2:2 , 1440p, nothing worked and i never saw that toogle again...

Yeah agre...certified cable came today but the toggle is still not the cable is not the problem...since the XSX and LG B9 seem to work well together (inthe sense that vrr is available) the only culprit here from my current undestanding seems to be AMD please enable VRR....i know that there are some issues with OLED and VRR like Black Level raised and so on but please let us decide whether we want to turn the feature on or not....meanwhile you can work on the problem or whatever but please just keep you promises!!!


Adept I

Anyone tried the new Firmware 05.00.25on the C9?  The update notes say something about the HDMI 2.1 Chip, I wonder if the VRR Feature might work now?

Adept I

Any Update on this?

it really cant be, that there is no support for this!

even the Specifications for the RX6000 Cards showing:

"HDMI™ 2.1 VRR and FRL"
Xbox Consoles can also do this.

Sorry Pal but Amd seems nit to give a **bleep** about us..if you think about it...all lg tvs from X series and  onwards will have freesync and below the only one which has vrr support is the 9 series so its a niche....why would they put so much effort to one line of tvs....i am as unsatisfied as you because i own a b9 and its really making me angry that again promises are not held...i still think that amd is at fault and that a Firmware  update alonefor the b9 wont solve the issue cause the cosoles seem to work just fine (except for the black level raising). Therefore its up to basically we are screwed


After a bit of testing toggle off "HDMI UltraHD Deep Colour" in the LG 9 picture settings instantly brings back VRR and it is working. BUT you are obviously in HDMI 2.0 Mode, limited to 4K@60 8 Bit 4:4:4.

So i guess it is actually disabled in HDMI 2.1 in the driver, because Xbox and Geforce 3080 can use it.


thats strange, I also think the Problem is on AMD's Side. I just dont understand, why they dont cummunicate this Thing...


It's actually funny. I rerouted my pc through a soundbar yesterday and got vrr working:

2.1 HDMI Cable from pc to soundbar and from soundbar a 2.0 cable to tv.

However, the behaviour is really strange since my resolutions got highly restricted. The resoluition for 4k 120 was not there which makes sense since the 2.0 cable can not pass ist but also 2k 120 hz was not there. And the strange thing ist that VRR was suddenly there from 40 to 60 hz range in 4k (DEEP Color as Lg setting was also turned on). So LG is generally offering VRR (and i mean here the VRR of 2.1 not free sync) therefore it really seems to be on AMD's side....


it is on AMD's Side.

a user from this Forum (Leserartikel - HDMI Forum VRR für 4K60 mit LG C9 auf AMD RX 6000 GPUs | ComputerBase Forum) managed to get it working but just with a Hdmi 2.0 Source. The Driver dont Support VRR when sending a Hdmi 2.1 Signal.


AMD, please make this work, you are still using HDMI VRR in Product Specification...


Read it supports my findings and explains why i could see vrr through a 2.0 hdmi cable....maybe someone will finally aknowledge this problem and at least have a clear statement on this....i honestly dont know whats wrong with AMD....really disapponting that they are not even talking about this Problem

Adept I

Hi, i have LG OLED C9 and 6900, VRR did not work before, but with the new version of the driver 22.7.1 it became possible, thanks to AMD.



Let me out.

Unfortuntely it does not seem to work. Yes, you can finally activate VRR over HDMI 2.1 with 22.7.1 on LG C9.

But Pendulum* and Windmill* Demo still show tearing (when Enhanced Sync and Vsync is disabled)

EDIT: I tested a little bit and HDMI VRR is now working "out of the box" with 4K60 8 Bit, without the need to make changes "Ultra HD Deep Colour" and the EDID in CRU. However, everything that needs Fixed Rate Link (4K120 or 4K60 10 Bit) does still not support HDMI VRR with 22.7.1. VRR is on but just don't work.


it's still Freesync Active when you press the remote green button 5 times or so. it says Freesync Active and not VRR like Nvidia. Also I have the HD FURY Vrroom which only works with VRR and not Freesync and I can't use it with the VRR enabled because it still Freesync and it doesn't passthrough and I lose signal/black screen none stop until it disabled..... it's 550$ device that I can't use!!


You are right. LG CX and newer always use freesync, even when disabled in the TV.

But when you have an LG C9 or you delete the Freesync entry in CRU (for LG CX or newer) the driver is forced* to use VRR, which unfortunately still does not work with Fixed Rate Link.

But VRR in TDMS works, limiting signal to 4k60  

*i have verified this with my LG 42C2, which showed "Freesync" in the 5x green menu at first and after deleting freesync in the tool CRU then "VRR".


How do you know VRR isn't working after deleting FreeSync range? You are seeing visible tearing?


Yes. With AMD Windmill and Nvidia Pendulum Demo you can clearly see tearing in the pattern test and the Hz are a fixed value on the C2.

The C9 has no Hz/FPS counter in the "11111" menue but the value for "total res line" fluctuates with active VRR. In FRL mode the value is fixed, so VRR is not active.