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Journeyman III

How to enable cl_ amd_bus_addressable_memory extension in Ubuntu 18.04 with Radeon pro WX8200?

Hi, all

I have got a Radeon Pro WX8200. I want to realize GPU-FPGA P2P transfer in OpenCL. I know Radeon Pro cards have DirectGMA functions. I have read all the related posts on such topic in this forum. Those helped me greatly. 

Now I have a problem that I can NOT find "cl_ amd_bus_addressable_memory" extension in clinfo report. I know such extension is the key for directGMA. But I do NOT know how to enable it. My system is Ubuntu18.04 with the latest Radeon Pro driver installed. I also installed rocm3.9.1. I know amdgpu drivers do NOT support the old command such as 'aticonfig'.

So any on can help me to handle it? Thanks.