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How to downgrade a R9 380 graphics card to AMD catalyst 14.2?

Apparently the only fix to an issue that I'm suffering from in a game that has been released in 2014 - Telltale Game of Thrones - but apparently is unplayable on a "new" graphics card by AMD - AMD Radeon R9 380 - is to downgrade the drivers to 14.2.

Is there any way to do this for a graphics card that isn't supported by these drivers due it being newer?

Kind Regards,

S. H.

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Adept I
Adept I

Re: How to downgrade a R9 380 graphics card to AMD catalyst 14.2?

You can easily downgrade the driver, get the 14.2 here-->AMD Catalyst Omega Driver 14.12 Driver - TechSpot  or somewhere else. Go into your control/panel/ programs and features, and uninstall the AMD Catalyst Install Manager, install your 14.2 driver. I had to do this process to run GTA V as the new drivers had an issue with my cards.

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Re: How to downgrade a R9 380 graphics card to AMD catalyst 14.2?

Incorrect the 14.2 driver is incompatible with Windows 10 and with the recent R9 300 series.

AMD has effectively created the problem ever since then and blatantly refuses to fix it.

2 complaints through the supposed "proper" channel, so far not a single response other than an automated e-mail. And that's only on my end, several other people are suffering from this problem as well but it seems they've just given up.

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Re: How to downgrade a R9 380 graphics card to AMD catalyst 14.2?

I'll start by saying this:

I'll only be gentle for the last time with you. Take my word for it.


Take a very close look here:

Do not buy this game if you have a recent AMD graphics card. :: Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games S...

The thread is from a user with a 'private' profile on 0 level of steam experience... I am trully shocked at this point.

Shall i continue ?

Ok then.

I quickly saw 2 users on R9 200 and 300 series gpus that play this game with NO GRAPHICAL ISSUES.

One of them is an experienced Steam player/ user (level 17) with an R9 380 gpu. On windows 10. With the latest beta drivers.

I also know that my ancient HD5970 on windows 10 64bit and latest drivers have no issue on this game. Must be that AMD loves the terrascale architecture so much...

I also saw max 10 people on all of the 'gathered' threads of pain about this "issue".

That is a very small amount of users with the same problem.

It is the exception to the rule. A very small one.

See where i am getting at ?

Now, i don't say that there aren't users experiencing this.

There are and, as a gamer, i feel for them.

It just seems that it isn't highly representative or reproducible.

it doesn't seem like the driver is broken on this game either, or that AMD does not care about it's customers, cause players with exactly the same hardware as others have no issue.

It seems like an isolated problem on some system configurations that may be occured by user-error or misconfiguration. I like to keep an open mind though and try to help users find out if it is actually a driver, a game, or a user related problem.

That is what this game/ hardware/ software/ driver forum is all about.

Can a mod tell us if this game is reported as gfx-broken on a driver level by hundred or thousands of AMD gpu users ? I am betting it is only reported a few times, but still, i am curious.

You've been trolling on other threadsdisappointed_amd_customer  , that are made by people who actually want to get help. And you've been reported accordingly.

This forum is well-known for good user-to-user feedback and troubleshooting, and respect is something that old-time HELPERS, like myself and many others, value.

You know what we all don't care about or don't need at all here ?

Take a wild guess troll.

Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Re: How to downgrade a R9 380 graphics card to AMD catalyst 14.2?

To BackFire,

Your post is USELESS. I'mma 50 year old man trying to find help everyware. I got the same issue like disappointed_amd_customer

I was searching whole internet for the solution and finaly get here. And what I found? Instead of solution get freaking moderator dont even try to help. instead of it is actually posting a lot of words mean nothing.

I have found at least 1000 topics about issue with AMD but it seems that AMD  DONT CARE about their customer. So yes I have to AGREED with disappointed_amd_customer.

AMd doesnt care about their customer.

If you answer is an official AMD stastement then I'm going to NOT buy any AMD product anymore. I'm going to tell all my friend and ppl I know how your company is treating it's customers.

Have a nice day

Jaroslaw Michalow

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