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Journeyman III

How to disable STORE MI ? (Old version)

Hello, I wanted to reinstall Windows 10 completely on my computer. I had previously used Store MI to merge my SSD and HDD. I thought that by using a bootable key, I would be able to format everything and reinstall windows on my SSD.

However, when installing Windows 10, my two drives are listed as follows:

- SSD: 2.00 MB - System
- SSD: 230 GB - OEM Partition
- HDD: 2.00 MB - System
- HDD: 990 GB - OEM Partition

So I thought that if I formatted my SSD the OEM partitions would disappear. But once deleted, I wanted to create a partition for Windows. But the wizard shows me :

"We could not create a partition (error: 0x8dad5a50)"

So I went back to my Windows 10 with Store MI and I realized that I actually had 3 disks:



So, I am a lost and wanted to know if anyone knows how to remove the StoreMI disk (AMD 100Tier) and only keep my two disks so I can reinstall windows 10 cleanly.

PS: I don't care if I lose my files ^^.

Thanks in advance Noé.

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Did you tried uninstalling the storemi application from control panel ?

If the disk is listing in the OS.. try to cleanup the drives in the OS installation page using command page..


Let me know your observation on the above or you are hitting some other issue.