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How to configure games to use my Primary GPU?

Hello I have a 3600x and 290x system that I would like to record on. Since I don't have a proper encoding card, I dug out an old Quadro K600 from my attic and tried to use that. I install the drivers, start recording, launch Forza Horizon 4 only to find out that Forza was using the Quadro for some reason. I reconfigure the app in windows so that it only uses the 290x. I then relaunched Forza only to see it using the Quadro. Again. So I then grabbed one of my monitors from the attic to use with my Quadro to make the "Manage 3d settings" tab appear. Under the 3d settings I found out that there was no way to "Set preferred GPU" because Nvidia. So instead I disabled all CUDA GPUS in Global settings with the exception of OBS because I need the card to encode video. I relaunched Forza only to find it still using the freaking Quadro instead of the 290x. I am at a complete loss here because pretty much nobody else on the internet has had the idea to use an old Quadro as an encoding GPU, so there are no articles on how to "set preferred gpu" on Quadro drivers. For the record I don't even have my Quadro set to better graphics performance, but rather on better compute performance. I have also checked the bios to see if I can find anything there (I didn't). I appreciate any help with this weird situation!