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Journeyman III

How to adjust individual fan speeds in graphics cards?

I would like to adjust individual fan speeds on my graphics card.

My version of the radeon r9 270x graphics card has 2 fans but the current radeon driver only shows one slider for fan speed.  Ever since AMD released driver updates for more quiet and power efficient cards, both fans do not always run when I am playing games.  Through experimentation I have discovered that only one fan is turned on at a fan speed below 82% on the slider.  Having only one fan running affects my fps stability and makes my card heat up to 70*C.  On the other hand, when both fans are turned on my graphics card stays well below 60*C.  The problem is that I do not want to run both fans at 82% speed since it makes the graphics card much louder; however, the current slider in the driver menu does not provide other options to turn on both fans.  If I can see a slider for each fan individually I am sure I can get a much quieter and efficient cooling solution.  @AMD developers, please update the drivers to some how recognize all fans connected to the graphics card and adjust their fan speeds individually.  If you cannot do that, at least provide a toggle button to turn on all available fans on a graphics card.

@AMD Community if there is a way, please show me how I can get both fans working at fan speeds below 50%.

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