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Adept II

how this can be even real

after years of defending the AMD I built my first PC and display is corrupted, after few mins in windows grey horizontal lines and then blackscreen. totally ruined three days full of stress and despair and today I just decided to return PC back to store

uninstalling the AMD software fixed the problem but thats not solution

my PC:

monitor: LG 27GN950

Ryzen 5600X

Aorus 6800XT

Aorus B550 PRO AC

Aorus PSU 850W

Aorus 3200Mhz RAMs 4x 8GB

Aorus gen4 SSD 1TB

please dont ask me questions as "did you update everything" or "did you try all DPs and HDMIs" - its a goddamn display it has to work flawlessly literally everytime

PS: im horribly disappointed and hope I will get my 2,4k bucks back

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Adept II