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How I get the driver for 380X that allows overclocking?

I today realized Sapphire Trixx that I've been using for years, is actually not working, as soon I stopped using it, games became more stable and  whatnot.


Thing is, it has been also years that my GPU been disappointing me by being slower than at purchase.


So some quick research today (after a lot of trying to OC with other software and only making the GPU unstable) I found out that AMD Drivers at some point in the past (seemly it was in 2017 actually!) disabled overclocking of the 380X, by locking the voltage in place and reducing some other limits. It also reads less information from the GPU too, with AMD official software not telling me information previous versions used to.


So how I get the driver that actually worked?

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Have you tried using AMD Wattman to overclock your GPU:

Wattman can be enabled in Radeon Settings Menu.

Here is the last AMD Driver update for the R9-380X:

Note: I haven't been able to find anything about AMD locking that GPU model from being Overclocked.