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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

How do you backup Storemi volumes using i.e. Acronis?

Hello forums,

I am curious how one would backup storemi volumes using a product like Acronis?

For instance I go to run a backup and I only have about 200GB of Data yet Acronis is telling me there is over 1TB of data to be backed up. This means Acronis is probably wanting to backup all of the unused free space as well because it is not sure how to backup the Storemi Tiered storage.

Any ideas on what I should do? I really need to keep backups of my data, especially since I am unsure of the long term viability tiered storage.

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Re: How do you backup Storemi volumes using i.e. Acronis?

which Acronis backup product are you using? True Image 20xx or Acronis Backup? 

What type of Backup were you trying to do? a System Backup of your C:\ Drive or a Files & Folder backup of your C:\Drive?

I do know with True Image you can select what you want to backup but in a System Backup you just pick the C:\ Drive you want backed up.

I would contact Acronis Support and find out if Acronis is able to do a System Backup with RAID or STOREMI type configuration on a computer.