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Journeyman III

How do i uninstall AMD ADRENALIN?

i installed AMD Adrenalin from the official site yesterday..

The site said it was compatible with my specs (AMD A8 6410 APU R5 Graphics)

But when i installed it, i can't open the Radeon Software...


The next day, my pc having ALOT of lags

The mouse was stuttering every 3 seconds, the keyboard was delaying..

i cant open the HGDC settings from adrenalin..

i disabled the GPU from the device manager, but it makes my pc cant run games..

What should i do??

Can i install the older version of Radeon and which version should i choose???

Or should i reset my PC?? i dont want to reset my pc...

Please help me..

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I would suggest you run DDU from wagnardsoft_com. This will give you a clean slate to install the driver. You have an APU so you DO NOT INSALL THE GRAPHICS DRIVER. You install the driver for your APU and this will also install the driver for the integrated graphics. 

Get your driver here: