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How do I run AMD Ryzen Master on Windows Server 2016?

I have a Ryzen 7 2700X and Windows Server 2016. When I try to run Ryzen Master I get the error:


Ryzen Master requires Windows 10 or greater.
Missing required OS!
How do I bypass this message or somehow get the software to run?


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Reddit is your friend.

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My guess, and it is a guess, is that Ryzen Master is not meant for a server OS ans is not supported. Typically running anything other than defaults on a server is a no no as stability is the goal. Someone I with more knowledge than me will likely confirm or correct my statement. Good Luck.


I'm not trying to overclock, i'm just trying to see the CPU temperature as AIDA64 is showing it incorrectly. It's saying the CPU temp is 26 deg and the CPU Diode is 93 deg. In the BIOS is shows the CPU being 33 deg. So I wanted to check with Ryzen Master to see what the correct temperature is. Because 93 does not seem correct and also lots of people are complaining that the temperature reading they are getting is incorrect.


Reddit is your friend.

I completely missed that answer on the post. Thank you! Works perfectly!

Also it shows my temperature being 25 deg idle in Ryzen master while AIDA64 shows it being 25 for the CPU and 86 for the CPU Diode. Changing the topic a bit here, but does that seem normal for not being under load?


So is this bypassing a bug? Or is it making the software run on a system AMD did not intend it to run on?


Making software run on an OS AMD does not intend for it to run on, but little separates Windows Server and Windows 10.

Hey I cant see the Picture and I have the exact same Problem but with a Win 2019 Server. 

Can you send the picture again? I can't see the previous picture