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Journeyman III

How do I fix a lack of sound after a video card update?

I just updated my AMD Radeon graphics drivers so that I could play Fallout 76, as the visuals were completely messed up with the old drivers.  However, since updating the graphics drivers, my sound has stopped working, and I have done everything short of try and roll back the video driver to get the sound working again.  My PC now refuses to recognize that my Panasonic TV is my monitor and speakers, even though it worked perfectly just minutes before I installed the update.  My sound is currently hooked to the TV via a 3.5mm jack, and the video using an HDMI adapter, as the HDMI port on the video card died a while ago, but the alternate method of having audio and video connected to my TV worked just fine until now.  What should I do to fix this that I am apparently completely missing so far?  Last time I tried to roll back to older graphics drivers it caused all kinds of problems that took me hours to fix, so I don't want to do it again.

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