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Adept I

How do I delete the profiles for games? I never added these profiles they just appeared and game is underperforming right after this happened

After installing driver and playing some games, the profiles for some of the games appears automatically in  Gaming > Installed games

I think these profiles are causing some weird stuttering issues in some games like COD Warzone. Game was fine as long as the profile was not added, so I played a couple days after installing the new driver and the very day the profile appeared out of the blue the game looks weird when panning the camera, like a slow drawing of frames making the game not look smooth at all.

I cannot remove these profiles they appear after driver re installation, clean install, removing them does nothing because they appear on next windows user log in. Deleting from AppData\Local\AMD\CN\gmdb.blb does not help.

Please tell me a way to remove the profile for good! I dont want it there I want the default profile to manage those games. Thank you!

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Volunteer Moderator

You click on the little dots next to the game name and select "remove profile"

Seems you are using an old Amd Settings

Anyway, does not work, on next login profile is back on. Also right now after i right click and click remove i see in xml:

"hidden": "TRUE",

"profileCustomized": "TRUE",
"profileEnabled": "TRUE",

So its basically still active and just hidden from list. And its back anyway if i restart or log off.

Volunteer Moderator

I am using a 19.12.1 version with 20.3.1 graphics drivers. I have used every version that comes available. It is normal for the odd application to be identified by the program.... Opera/purble place / chess /etc. 

If it is coming back after a have another issue.

I would clean install the graphics driver version of your choice using DDU in safe mode.

Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers 

If you have further questions, please supply 


Well I installed the latest driver after using DDU in safe mode. This was always a problem for me, i was never able to remove some profiles. For some weird exe that the profile appeared deletion worked but for some games they were always there even when installing new drivers and asking to do a clean install

Anyway I managed to reinstall the 20.2.2 and the game I was playing looks a bit more consistent.Maybe the game was under performing because of the latest optional driver at least I hope so I will see in the next days


 I guess AMD keeps the settings in atiapfxx.blb file. I think be in system32 and syswow64 folders. Try deleting this file and rebooting the system.

Journeyman III

Can you provide screenshots for the profiles? 


Ever since AMD added this feature I have asked why there is no way to disable it globally. Then why you can't have it enabled and only add the games you want to. Then next why you can't delete groups of profiles at once. Bottom line it is a frustrating situation. I can't say if this is happening with the current driver. I have however run into some of the older drivers that exhibited the same issue. You would delete a profile and it would just add it back in again. 
I would suggest you contact AMD support with the issue:

Yeah I have a weird system and the last thing I needed was zombie game profiles

This has happened with other Amd settings versions as well so it's not a new thing. For now I am using the profile just be sure something is not messed up, like removing it with some silly configuration and then Amd applying it even though I dont see it, that's the scary part actually.

I think in the end the issue was the latest driver not being as good as the whql one so i uninstalled and using the previous and game feels better.

Your idea is of course sensible, there should be an option to manage your own profiles if you want, have it disabled by default and you can choose. But profiles coming back after doing a factory reset install, this is a major issue if you ask me


This 2 y/o Thread mentions the location of the Game Profiles file that you can edit manually. Not sure if it is still valid for Adrenaline 2020 Radeon Settings: Predefined game profiles? | guru3D Forums 

First thing first. I doubt there would be nice and exiting things to be discovered by modifying predefined defaults. Having said that, the file you'd want is called gmcfm.blb and is located in %localappdata%\AMD\CN.

What you'd perhaps want to do... is edit gmdb.blb (same location). This is your specific games profile file. The .blb files are just propriety extension .xml files. You can edit them with things like even Notepad if you don't have dedicated xml editor - formatting would be much easier to read though.