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Journeyman III

How could HDR recording still be impossible?

I wish to express my profound disappointment with the AMD Adrenalin Software's inability to properly record HDR videos. It's 2023 for heaven's sake!

I'm currently running a Ryzen 5800X3D with an RX 7900XT, and recently switched my monitor to the LG OLED42C2 to start fully utilizing HDR. However, I quickly discovered that when I attempt to record HDR content using Radeon software, the footage turns out to be so dark it's virtually unwatchable.

While screenshots do come out distorted in terms of color and brightness, they are at least discernable. But for video... 

This is the video I recorded. I've tried all AV1, AVC, HEVC encoding types and I get the same problem.
why do these issues exclusively appear during recording? I've looked around in forums and it seems that this problem has been raised quite a while ago. Is there any plan to address this issue at all?

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Not supported.

It is time they get their **bleep** togather!

Adept I

Has AMD said anything about supporting HDR recording in Adrenalin or do they just not care?