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Adept II

How come my games do not show up under the Games tab?

Basically what happens is I do a "search for games" and it finds 21/26 games installed. However, after I play the game, it shows up (for instance, I just played No Mans Sky, and it showed up with stats.) Then when I either restart or turn on my computer, its gone. I tried to put the game exe in manually, and it works, but never saves, it always disappears.

Im going to guess it has something to do with me adding a new HDD and moving Steam and all its files over. Whats kinda dumb is that I did the same with my Uplay with games, and the games show up fine under the Games tab. I guess some work and some dont?

Anyways, Im hoping after I install a new driver, this will be fixed. Fingers crossed.

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It's always best to use the default location for games and that's usually the C drive with you're OS.


My new default is the new D drive. I was running out of space on the C drive so I dedicated the new drive to games only. Any of my new installed games I bought are showing up fine, and now that I installed the latest WHQL driver, some other games show up. Again, thats where 21/26 games comes from.