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How can i reduce fan speed/RPMs?

I have a custom fan curve and zero rpm turned off. The fans are working at 1060rpm on idle, that's the lowest they'll go. Can i reduce them below 25% or set the rpm speed that i want?

I'm using Wattman and an rx 570.

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They removed this option in the first 2019 driver that I believe was the last driver of December 2018. Before that a custom fan curve could go back to zero. They have not cared about the complaints from customers who hate this nor given a good reason why. I think it is here to stay as they don't care if we don't like it and they don't consider it broken. To me it wastes electricity, causes unneeded noise and worse it wears out my card faster. If you would like to let AMD know your opinion, you can do it by filling out the linked form:  Online Service Request | AMD 

Thanks, i'll do that! Is there a way to change the temperature limit and therefore the fans won't start spinning? Also, what else can i do to keep the card from reaching high temperatures? Apart from increasing the fan curve. At this point, i'm just watching a video on YouTube and the card is already at 50 degrees, so if i start doing more than that it will reach the limit and start the fans.


No way to change it through the AMD software. Other program like Afterburner or Trixx have their own fan control schemes that do still work but using them have their own caveats. Know that if you use a third part GPU tweak software don't mix and match meaning don't change things in Wattman and Afterburner etc. they don't play well together. I found another solution but it is manual and you have to run it to turn off the fans after you stop gaming each time but at least the fans stop when not needed or you of course you can leave them running at whatever speed you want too. It's called speedfan and it's free it should be able to control you gpu fan. Here is a link to that software. SpeedFan - Download 


I believe the RX 5xx series card have something similar to Zero RPM.

The GPU Fan is off and doesn't start until it reaches a certain temperature. around 55 -60C. Then it starts working and the speed is controlled by the temperature after that.

50C is not considered to be a high temperature. When the GPU cards starts going above 80C then you should start worrying.

I have a Asus GPU card with something similar to Zero RPM. I have no software controlling the GPU Fan. Most of the time the fan is off because the GPU never reaches the startup temperature at 57 -59C during normal computer use.

But if Zero RPM is not keeping your RX GPU card from overheating (above 80C) then you have no choice but to try Wattman Fan profiles.


My gpu is not overheating and i also have zero rpm. The problem is that my card reaches the 55 degrees limit very quickly even when i'm not playing games, therefore, the fans are always working and it makes noise.


I understand now.

I would check Task Manager and see what program or service is causing you GPU to be under heavy enough load to start heating quickly.

Could also be poor air circulation in your computer case. Remove one side panel and see if the GPU card starts getting hot under normal load conditions. If it doesn't that possibly indicates poor air circulation.

It could be a bad thermal paste on the heat sink. But I wouldn't remove the shroud unless the GPU Card IS NOT under Warranty.

I would open a Support ticket with the manufacturer of the GPU card and see what they recommend. You can always try previous AMD GPU drivers in case it is a driver bug from here: Radeon™ RX 570 Previous Drivers | AMD  and latest AMD Driver: Radeon™ RX 570 Drivers & Support | AMD 

I'm using the stock fans my case was having, maybe that's why there is not enough air in the computer. Still, my previous nvidia card (750 ti) didn't have any heating issues. My rx 570, also doesn't have a backplate, but other than that it doesn't seem to have any other problems.