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Journeyman III

Hotkey assign limitations MUST be addressed.

I got my XTX today and I stumbled upon a stupid limitation in the Adrenaline software. Apparently you cannot assign hotkeys unless it involves CTRL or ALT.

If AMD developers are reading this, can you remove these limitations? Like, just select the block of code preventing us from setting anything we want, press delete, recompile, and push out the update?

There's no reason I shouldn't be able to bind F13 through F24 to any of the actions!

Searching for the problem, I see people complaining about this going back many years. I don't think we need this much hand-holding in configuring the software in the way we like...

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Journeyman III

I suppose developers don't really read these forums. Regardless I have good news for those that want hotkeys that the Adrenaline software refuses. The hotkey configurations are saved to the registry on the following path, and they are not re-checked when the software reads those values:




For those that don't know what this means; google on how to edit the Windows registry. In short: start -> run -> regedit -> nagivate like you would with folders in Windows Explorer.

In there you'll find a bunch of entries, and those ending with "Hotkey" are the ones you're interested in. If you wanted something to be Shift+F10, then edit the value to be Shift,VK_F10. If you wanted it to be just F10, then you can also put just VK_F10.

For a complete list of VK_ values, check this page: .

Once you edited the hotkeys the way you like, you can restart the adrenaline software (RadeonSoftware.exe). If you don't know how to do that, then just restart your computer. That's probably faster than learning on how to restart a process.

Unfortunately for me the VK_F13 through VK_F24 are not accepted by the software even through manual editing. I hope that the developers can still address that to make everything more user-friendly.

Journeyman III

thx a lot, f13-24 just don't show up in the hotkey settings but still work