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HOTFIX NEEDED. dGPU Engines missing, replaced by Generic Stand-Ins since 24.1.1


The title is a description of the problem. The dGPU's "Engines" are missing and replaced with very generic stand-ins. When I got my laptop the dGPU and iGPU had the SAME engines (with dGPU having a few extra) and now the dGPU somehow is missing all of its engines, and they were replaced by generic stand ins.

This started in 24.1.1
This persists through full driver resets
the iGPU and dGPU are the same base architecture of RDNA3
They both share many of the same hardware features.

This is the iGPU:


This is the dGPU:


The dGPU should have the SAME engines as the iGPU + a few extra. Instead, it has NONE of the same engines as the iGPU, and they've been all replaced by generic stand ins with the True Audio Engines missing. This GPU does have TrueAudio. It had it when I got it.

AMD, Please Release a Hotfix. (also MLAA needs to be fixed on RDNA GPUs too)

Cyberstorm64 of UNYU
Tessellation Enjoyer.
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