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Adept I

Higher than normal CPU usage after installing Radeon 2020 Software

Installed Radeon 2020 software with 19.12.2 driver.  I noticed that my CPU (Ryzen 5 2600), is now constantly sitting between 13% and 20% usage, and the clock speed is stuck at 3.60Ghz, it never gets to clock down like it used to.  The AMD software shows as using up to 12% of the CPU and never less than 10% of the CPU according to the Windows task manager. 

Windows 10 x64

Ryzen 5 2600

16GB DDR4 3200Mhz

Western Digital Blue 500GB SSD

Is this normal or is there something wrong here?

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Journeyman III

Hi, I'm also having the same issue on my lenovo 330s-15arr with Ryzen 5 2500U, my frequency becomes stuck at 2,85 GHz, which increases temperatures and keeps the fan at high speed.

Yeah, when I close the process in Task Manager, it goes back to 1% idle and the clock speed drops to 2.0Ghz or even less.  I'm pretty disappointed in these new drivers, I got my RX580 nearly two years ago and I haven't had any driver issues but with this one I've had high CPU usage, and I've had to disable Enhanced Sync because the video was freezing in games until you Alt+Tab out and back in again, then it refreshes and freezes again until you repeat the process.  I'm going to downgrade back to old drivers.

Journeyman III

Hi, I just updated to 19.12.2  and have the same issue (high CPU around 30%). Have you solved the problem on your machine? What is the solution?


Journeyman III

Have exactly the same problem as jared2608 GPU using 30% of CPU on my dell inspiron 5770 => causing significant heat & annoying fan noises... after cancelling the process from task manager CPU usage is down to 1-2 % and i can go on working undisturbed...Fix it ASAP AMD its a shame...

Adept I

Anyone had any luck?  I tried going to .3, hoping it was better.  But now i'm at 30% instead of 20% usage.    

Adept I

Running a brand new Ryzen 3 3200G on an ASRock B450M-Pro4 motherboard with Windows 10 Home for nearly two weeks, here, with version 19.12.3, and I am having the exact same issue. The CPU being continously "busy" for about 30% with "Radeon Software" running. When I stop it in Task Manager, the CPU usage drops to 1%.

I sent AMD "feedback" about this, for whatever that was/is worth...

Is there a way to prevent "Radeon Software" from starting up at all?

I am not at all a "fan" of this new "panel": it is WAY too "busy" (and full with things that are of no use to me; gaming?). The Catalyst Control Center from back in the days was much 'better'.

AMD, please look into this...


So I had an issue with a photo editing software and they suggested I run a full uninstall/clean.  I used this: Display Driver Uninstaller Download version  did a COMPLETE uninstall, clean, reboot clean install offline, and NOW mine is working like it should.  I definitely agree with you that it's a busy interface, and seems "heavy" but resource wise now it's staying at 0% cpu, and 32mb of ram.  so I think it's just something that gets corrupted in an upgrade.    Good luck, and hopefully cleaning it will help your issue too.  Annoyingly, my throttling case fans still don't throttle down, but that's some other issue to track down.  CPU usage goes to nothing and the temperatures are nice and low.  

hscrugby, your suggestion made me think of something (of which I did not think sooner)

I have an old (Intel based) computer with an RX 560. It too has the Radeon Software - but version 19.12.2, and on that PC the "Radeon Software" does not make the CPU run at 30% continously. So, I have just now removed 19.12.3 on my little, brand new Ryzen 3 3200G computer and installed version 19.12.2.

And with SUCCES, because now the CPU stays at 1%-2% at idle.

Conclusion: there seems to be some kind of bug (or whatever it is) in Radeon Software Ver.19.12.3?

Thank you for the idea, hscrugby. Gave you a * (star) for it!


I think it's something gets stuck or corrupted and the cleaning fixes it.  I went to .2 had the issue, then went to .3 and still had the issue.  After cleaning it .3 runs fine.  I'm tempted to clean, then install and older version and try and upgrade to .2 and see if the issue comes back.  But I'm kind of lazy, so I probably won't.  and at Bob, i'm glad i'm not the only one that had issues with the captcha.  I was starting to think I was a robot after all.


Yea I've just uninstalled the 2020 software as it was causing crashing and a very loud fan notice on my pc now works great 


Yea just uninstalled the 2020 software and pc is running perfectly


Yea just uninstalled the 2020 software and pcs running perfectly again and alot quieter

Journeyman III

I have same issue, ryzen 7 1700 and rx560, 1 core of cpu maximum utilization. AMD take all old drivers from site, just the adrenalin 2020 awaylable... this is the most stupid company I ever seen.

The registration process of this forum is HORRIBLE, human validation preocess is imposible, they put that for stoping people to register on this crap website.

 Im going back to intel and NVIDIA everithing from amd is STUPID and waste of money and time.


Try what hscrugby (or I) did and "downgrade" from 19.12.3 to an older version?

The Ryzen CPU's sure are a great product (cheaper than Intel !!), and I am glad that I have two (R3 3200G and a R5 1600). As for graphics cards... I prefer NVidia (too); sorry, AMD.

My parents have this ancient "small form factory" HP computer with a single core Pentium 4 (and Linux Mint 17.3). The HP motherboard cannot have an SSD (that's how old it it). I might try to surprise them with a new computer with a Ryzen 3 3200G: it will be perfect for the light and simple things they do.

Adept I

Same problem here, I just updated Radeon software and drivers, and now everytime I boot my laptop I get this:


Noisy fan working at 100% all time, until I enter the task manager and kill the Radeon process. Looks like a virus rather than a tool to make users' lives easier.

Hope a fix for this is available soon.

  • Laptop: DELL Inspiron 15 5570
  • Graphics card: AMD Radeon (TM) 530
  • Graphics card driver updated
  • OpenGL version: 4.6 (updated driver)


try to uninstall the intel GPU driver and download the latest version for the iGPU, install iGPU driver and reboot your laptop.


Same Laptop and exactly the same issue. Have you solved it at all?


Reverted to 19.12.1 and the issue has gone away. annoying!


Hi art6543, could you please elaborate a bit on how you did it? I couldn't even uninstall the "AMD Software" from the Control Panel, nothing happens after choosing "Uninstall".

I finally renamed the "RadeonSoftware.exe" file to "RadeonSoftware_.exe" so it cannot be launch and the issue is solved, but obviously this is not an elegant solution.

Is someone from AMD listening to this thread?


I simply uninstalled the old AMD software like you did (but it worked for me) I then downloaded the old drivers and installed them.

Adept III

Amd has really dropped the ball with the last 5 driver releases. PLEASE FIX THE BUGS BEFORE YOU INTRODUCE ANY NEW FEATURES!


Looks like a CPU miner based in a browser, oh wait, AMD driver has a browser.

Journeyman III

i too have the same problem with 2200g vega8 and yes the new interface is bad, very bad . for me this new driver was a downgrade

fix your sh*t amd

Journeyman III

It seems to have been fixed. I currently have the 19.12.3 drivers and they no longer consume anything 0%. It is a questionable solution, but it seems to work.

I don't know if it will be coincidence or that AMD is really controlling our movements. The reason I thought so is because right after seeing your comments on this forum, I prepared to report this issue to AMD which took me a while since they asked me for a lot of information about my components.

The method is simple since RADEON SOFTWARE itself has its own error reporting system. The question is that yesterday was when I contacted them and today miraculously Radeon software has stopped consuming resources. Something very suspicious since I haven't made any changes at all since yesterday. For those who still have this problem, I recommend that you always make bug reports directly to AMD to see what solution they can give you. The more reports, the faster they will solve this. I hope I have been helpful.


AMD Radeon Software HIGH CPU USAGE.jpg




same issue on 19.12.3 for me, only 19.12.1 works without the high cpu

Adept I

In case this is useful to anyone, I just got rid of the issue and the whole Radeon Software suite by:

1. Doing a Clean Install as explained in this video from AMD:

2. Giving a big "CANCEL" to the suggested 19.12.3 Radeon software installation in the "AMD_Radeon_Installer_19.12.3/Setup.exe":


The Radeon software doesn't exist anymore in my laptop and will continue to do so since I don't need this thing at all. Open GL, graphic card acceleration,... are finely working so I don't need to update any driver. I just made the mistake to try to update drivers because I thought old drivers were the cause of an audio plugin that uses Open GL not working.



I didn't get any CPU activity because I blocked the inbound/outbound IP addresses emitting from the GPU driver.

Most likely a CPU miner based in the Radeon browser.

Funny how it stopped when I mentioned it 2 days ago?

Journeyman III

Hi, finally I found out how to fix it. Just create a folder called "Radeon ReLive" in your video folder. Then kill Radeon Software and start again. No high CPU usage any more.

Can't believe AMD made such a stupid bug and don't fix it till now...QQ截图20200116122138.png

This was absolutely the problem. This is crazy that not having a single folder causes so much CPU usage. Killed the process, created the folder, launched the Radeon Software and the CPU usage was down to 0-1% like normal.

That is definitely a bug.

This is the ANSWER and thank you tqing12 very much.

I'm surprised but this solved the problem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This fix worked for me as well. I'm on version 20.1.2, which I believe is the latest optional version. The Radeon Software Host Application was using 20% of my CPU until I created the Radeon ReLive folder in my Videos folder. Now it's using 0% and my fans finally quit blasting.


Thanks for the hint. I noticed the same issue. Unfortunately this folder often does not exist in corporate environment when roaming profiles are used. So all those computes run with very thigh CPU load.

Meanwhile I have implemented a group policy creating this folder within all user profiles.

The last version which does not seem to suffer from the issue is 19.12.1. Starting from 19.12.2 the new Radeon software control panel seems to be included which is showing this issue.

I hope AMD is going to fix this soon.



I can confirm that this is indeed (a) solution. I recreated that folder "Radeon ReLive" (I had deleted it, because I do not "like" folders that I do not use - looking at YOU, Microsoft...) , and the CPU usages dropped.
(For some reason, CPU usage jumped back up to about 30%...)

A big THANK YOU to tking12.


You should report this "fix" to AMD...then maybe users won't have to go to a forum to find a solution 

I seriously tried to report this to AMD but the report form only returns a very ugly ASP server error. No feedback welcome.


I just tested Radeon Software Release 20.1.3. The bug still exists.


I did a very quick test and it seems for me it's fixed in Radeon Software Release 20.1.4. Even if it's not mentioned in the release notes.

Journeyman III

Go to "tqing12" comment on jan 16 and use it to solve the problem, so easy and helpful

problem solved just by creating a new folder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Journeyman III

This works: see youtube: How to Fix Radeon Software Host Application High CPU Usage - YouTube 

at "

the video says to:

1) go to your standard Videos windows folder for the user usually under "This PC" in explorer,

2) create a directory (folder): Radeon ReLive

3) end and restart RadeonSoftware.exe using task manager (the one using high cpu)

You will need to restart by finding the exe using windows menu search. (Or, you can reboot.)

Explanation: the software looks for the folder you just created in an endless loop for some silly reason. Once it finds it, it's happy and stops eating cpu cycles.

Thank the maker of the youtube video.