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High CPU usage Radeon Software


today I tried to update Radeon sowtware from version: 19.30.02 to last: Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.11.2 Optional.
Problem occurred since newer version after 19.30.02 (tried like four newer versions), AMD drivers usage at least 15% of CPU, still same problem on the newest version of Radeon Software.
That old version from 2019 was last one where I had no issues.
But now I tried the newest version with hope that this was already solved, but the same problem still occurred.

What I've already somehow tried:
I tried completely uninstall all drivers by DDU software.
I tried deleting folders in documents in Video folder named "Radeon ReLive" and Captures.
I tried turn on and than turn off stream and capture in Radaeon settings and than restart it all. people at the internet with this problem says and no one works.

So I wanted to switch back to the old version of 2019 via the backup I made. Seems it kinda works, but so in half, because I have a radeon icon in the taskbar, but I can't open the software window from that and not even from the boot exe icon from the folder where Radeon is installed, so I can't now open Radeon software at all.

The worst part is that I unfortunately lost backup of this old version installation and there is not such an old version on the Internet to find.

So now I'm trying to solve at least one of these problems above and I'm asking of help. Of course it would be better if the problem with CPU usage was solved on the new version of drivers, but also the installation file for that old software version would be enough for now, if anyone else somehow can get, I don't know.

I am attaching a screen from the task manager.High CPU usage Radeon Software

I have graphics card MSI Radeon 5700 XT Gaming X 8GB
#AMD drivers performance issue

Thank you for your time.

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