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Journeyman III

High CPU usage and audio not working

Don't even remember the number of problems i've had using the AMD Radeon Software... it's unbelievable how many bugs there constantly are. Randomly my recorded replays won't have audio. Also, my cpu (i5 8400) usage spikes insanely high (above 90%) when gaming when i have the software installed. My gpu is a RX 580 btw. After uninstalling the software, my cpu usage goes back to normal. Not sure if they ever plan on fixing these bugs one day. And yes, I have the Radeon ReLive folder already created in my Videos directory.

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Journeyman III

Re: High CPU usage and audio not working

I'm having the same problem with the current version of the software knowing that I had it before and thought creating that relive folder will solve it forever .. but its back again with the latest version .. we need another solution for this my CPU is burning