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Journeyman III

Hiccup every 5 seconds on external screen 20.1.1

My Radeon is making hiccups every 5 seconds:

- My laptop is connected to an eGPU running a Radeon RX570

- I have an external screen connected to the Radeon 

- The external screen is the main display and the laptop's screen is always off (Windows display settings for Multiple Displays is "Show only on 2"). On this setup I get hiccups all the time, non-stop.

Now, if I turn on my laptop's screen (extended desktop mode with 2 screens) then the hiccups are gone. So this setup solves the problem but is not suitable for me and I'd like to use only the external screen and nothing else.

I don't think this was happening before the last update that I got today.

This video in the link below is exactly the kind of experience that I'm having in the games and in the windows:

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