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Hi, I would like to replace my video card with a new one like the rx5700xt, but I would also be satisfied with an RX Vega 64. The problem is that I use windows 8 pro 64 bit and there are no new drivers for it. I don't want to change with windows 10. My on

Hi, I would like to replace my video card with a new one like the rx5700xt, but I would also be satisfied with an RX Vega 64. The problem is that I use windows 8 pro 64 bit and there are no new drivers for it. I don't want to change with windows 10. My only option at this point is to buy a GTX 1080 ti since Nvidia has drivers for my windows 8. I would never want to switch to nvidia .. Will you ever make a driver that allows you to a new AMD video card installation for those who use the old but good windows 8? Thanks. PS: do not give customers to nvidia, rather recover them by inserting a driver for windows 8 64 bit for your new video cards! I now use an r9 290x tri-x with 14.4 drivers! 

I am attaching two images of my R9 290x tri-x with my MOD. It performs well but I would like at least a VEGA 64 in my pc in 2020!

sorry if I messed up asking the question, it's my first time in this forum!

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Unfortunately, AMD seems intent on not supporting Windows 8/8.1 in the future nor in the present.

Many Users with Windows 8/8.1 have been using Windows 7 drivers but eventually Windows 7 won't be supported by AMD since it is not supported by Microsoft.

On January 10, 2023 Microsoft will end support for Windows 8/8.1 less than 3 years away. Most likely Nvidia will also end support for that OS after that occurs.

thanks for the reply, I feared this thing. I'm just sorry to have to switch to nvidia after a lifetime of using ATI & AMD for video cards! I can't migrate to a new S.O. since I managed to run very old games on my 8 64 bit. I am a retrogamer, but I would have liked to be able to update with a new AMD video card, which in my opinion remains the best!

Thanks again for the answer!


You can try and use this program to run all those old legacy games in Windows 8 and 10: 

It emulates the old computer systems in which those games were compatible to.


thanks! I already knew him! I also use an Amiga emulator! Unfortunately, however, some games are too recent for these emulators, such as games from 1998/2002.

I have many doubts, but I think for the moment I will stay with the R9 290x.
Some time ago I put it in O.C. 1125 Mhz gpu and 1375Mhz Vram with + 35 Mv.
It also performs quite well with Metro Exodus with the graphic setting just below the maximum available. The rest of the pc is an I7 4790k and 32 Gb of ram ddr3 1600Mhz and various hard disks & ssd. I would have liked to be able to switch video cards as I usually do, but this time it is not so. There is always the option of the GTX 1080ti, although I don't really like the idea of switching to nvidia.
I hope I don't violate any rules of this site if I include this: R9 290x TRI-X SUPER - terzo episodio - YouTube 

here you can see my R9 290x and if you are looking for you can also find my pc, if you are curious!
Thanks again for the answer!


Not gonna happen considering even Microsoft dropped support for windows 8 and 8.1.

Client operating systemsEnd of mainstream supportEnd of extended support
Windows 8.1January 9, 2018January 10, 2023

Like a lot of others I held onto W7 until April 2019 ,when I decided to go W10,it's actually been rock solid and have no regrets moving on from W7. You might want to consider upgrading.

I thank you for the answer, but I prefer not. when the time comes I will make my pc new, but I make my hardware sweat a lot before he deserves retirement! this pc must make me until 2025! : D the next build will focus on what will be on the market in 2025, and it will be full AMD. I just hope Mocrosoft won't abandon the S.O. that there will be in that period as soon as with the good 8!
The absurd thing is that new games and programs come out for my old Commodore 64 in 2020!


Not wanting to use Win 10 is not just a stability issue. Lot's of people are getting sick and tired of having their data harvested by Micro$oft and other corporations. Plus there's the whole thing of your operating system making you do what it wants instead of it doing what you want. When the day comes that game developers no longer make games for Win 7 I will be playing older games only.


You're free to do whatever you want, but then you don't get to complain when the rest of the world moves on instead of stagnating with you.

When installing windows 10 you have the option to turn off most, if not all data collection from microsoft. The only thing you can't is error reporting, & you can even turn that off from inside windows.

As for "your operating system making you do what it wants instead of it doing what you want" I have no clue what you're talking about. My OS does what I want, when I want, & I'm no basic user either. Windows 10 has never forced me to do anything since the early beta days. Even automatic updates can be set to wait until you restart your PC yourself, & even completely disabled with about 5 minutes of looking up how & following simple steps. 

Most complaints people have about W10 are from people who haven't tried it since the early days & are ignorant of the improvements made, or people who are stuck in their ways & consider all change bad because they have to learn something new.

I use win 10 on the laptop (updated), but at the moment, on the gaming pc with over 2 tb of games installed and running, I prefer to stay on 8. It was wrong by Microsoft to support 8 so little, the fault lies with the users who they stopped to look at the tiles screen and they judged an OS in a negative way, without trying to actually use it by spending a little time and patience. It was enough to use a third party START and you're done and you would have had an S.O. practically perfect to do everything, without changing again and in a useless way. AMD, for its part, also made the mistake of leaving 8 too early, who has not been willing to install 10 has gone to Nvidia and still remains with it, and I'm sorry. It will be the thing that I will do (reluctantly) too.


I agree that windows 8 was not as bad as most people made it out to be. I used it from it's beta aswell just like I did windows 10. I'm an early adapter & like to get the jump on new software like that.

You'll be disappointed if you think Nvidia won't be dropping windows 7/8 support before long though. They have already ended 7/8 support for their quatro line back in January. It's only a matter of time.

I myself almost went Nvidia this time around due to all the driver blackscreen issues with AMD going on. Only thing that stopped me was the 5700XT I ordered recently was $100+ cheaper than the Nvidia equivalent.


is the thing that I will have to do too.