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Journeyman III

Hi, I want to use my AMD Radeon HD 7970X/8970/R9 280X 3 Go on my Macintosh, actually it function natively with one main screen but I want to use a second screen...

There is some Macintosh driver on the AMd official website but I don't know why when I want to install it, it's written that the Macintosh want to convert the image...

I am only trying to install the drivers on a Macintosh

Please, some people can help me?

2 Replies

Apple support takes care of the support for the Apple drivers on AMD graphics.

This is from Apple Bootcamp website for using Windows drivers on a Apple computer:  and Apple related website is good about installing AMD Windows drivers in a Apple OS environment: Apple-recommended AMD Graphics Cards for eGPU Use - macOS High Sierra 10.13.4+ |  and this from the  previous link is Apple Forum about Graphics hardware in Apple OS environment: Graphics | . Copied from the aforementioned link on Graphics Forum: Radeon Compatibility Guide - ATI/AMD Graphics Cards |

Post you question on the last link. They can probably answer you question better than here at AMD Forums.