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Journeyman III


Driver issue where its impossible to get my monitor to display 2560x1440 @144hz. When i choose 1440p in windows its automatically changed to 4k @30hz, and my monitor doesnt even support this resolution...4k is also the recommended resolution by windows.

creating a custom resolution does not work either, same result. And if i go into windows advanced picture settings and change the refresh rate to highest available 75hz, or anything else for that matter, my resolution is changed to 680x by something.

monitor - samsung c32hg70 with latest drivers, have uninstalled and reinstalled drivers several times.
graphics card - amd r9 280x installed with amd radeon software latest and greatest, also reinstalled several times
windows 64bit and up to date
Reason im using this old of a gpu is because i recently sold my gtx 1080ti to buy a new one, and therefore using an old card lying around since stock is so bad that you cant buy anything. 
have uninstalled all my old drivers from my 1080ti, and i never had this issue with the nvidia card.
any ideas?

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Are you using an Adapter to connect the Monitor to the GPU card?

Reason why some Adapters may not those Resolutions or Frequencies.

You didn't mention the Manufacturer of your AMD GPU Card but was finally able to find at least this MSI GPU Card - R9 280X that shows the following Maximum Resolutions and Frequencies:

Screenshot 2020-12-18 082618.png