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Adept II

Help. Unable to change the cache settings on my AMD raid controller.

Complicated to say but here goes.

Fresh install Windows 10 X64 Home 1803

Asus M5A97 R2.0 2603 bios

(AMD raid device id 3493)

2 x 240gb SSD's in raid 0

1 1TB Storage sata HDD

MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X

16GB 4x4gb G-Skill 14900(DDR3 1866)

Logitech G series peripherals

Acer predator XB271HuA monitor

So the Raid was made Using Ctrl F ok and windows was installed fine..BUT the cache settings are

Read Cache Status NA

Write Cache status Write through

I cannot change it, you cannot change it via Ctrl F on boot and AMD's raid expert refuses to change any cache setting on the Logical drive.

I can enable disable write cache via device manager and the drive..But read cache remains NA

How can i change it when Raid Xpert doesn't allow me to change any setting?

Does anyone have a clue how i can change the AMD controllers cache settings for the logical drive i created?

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Seems like according to the link below, SSD doesn't use READ CACHE.

How are your SSD connected to the motherboard? Maybe you need to use SATA Hard drives for the cache to work on your motherboard. I am just guessing.

This link from Microsoft explaining Cache on SSD: Understanding the cache in Storage Spaces Direct | Microsoft Docs


This table summarizes which drives are used for caching, which are used for capacity, and what the caching behavior is for each deployment possibility.

DeploymentCache drivesCapacity drivesCache behavior (default)
All NVMeNone (Optional: configure manually)NVMeWrite-only (if configured)
All SSDNone (Optional: configure manually)SSDWrite-only (if configured)
NVMe + SSDNVMeSSDWrite-only
NVMe + HDDNVMeHDDRead + Write
NVMe + SSD + HDDNVMeSSD + HDDRead + Write for HDD, Write-only for SSD

Yes that is a bug in AMD Chipset. If you have a NON-AMD GPU Card it won't install. But there is a way to make it work. You need to add a line to the .INI file. Follow the instructions from this thread to show you how:

This is the correct method to make the AMD CHIPSET work and install on NON-AMD GPU systems:

Re: Why can't AMD fix their chipset driver installer to work properly?  I STILL can't install on sys...


Progress / Partial success to report!

I went to  (previously) and downloaded the chipset driver package (no RAID drivers): amd-chipset-drivers.exe.

I edited the /config/InstallManager.cfg file to include "CHIPSETBUILD=true":








And...  It worked.  I was able to install the USB filter driver from this package (one of the issues I've been having is USB related):

So, we know we're on the right track.  Now all I want is to be able to install the updated AHCI driver (and any other chipset drivers) and I'll be happy.

BTW - I've decided not to run Windows/RAID on my second system - I'm turning it into a FreeNAS server instead, hopefully the needed Linux drivers are already included in the package (although they strongly recommend Intel-based systems I already have this motherboard, CPU, and memory).