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Journeyman III

Help to find driver compatible with Windows 10


AMD RADEON R9265X Enthusiast Graphics

4k display

After installing Windows 10 received repeated "Internal Power Error" warnings causing Fatal Error - BSOD.

I have deleted the default R9M200X driver and also disabled automatic updates because this was simply re-installing the same driver.

I have downloaded Catalyst Software Suite Rev 15.7.1 but this results in a system crash when installing and appears to re-install R9M200x driver.

Is there some other action that I should take? Is there a driver for my hardware configuration that is compatible with Windows 10 available now, or due imminently? If not, should I revert to Windows 8.1 until these problems are resolved?

I am new to the forum and have limited knowledge of troubleshooting.

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Adept I

Re: Help to find driver compatible with Windows 10

It seems that a lot of members are facing this issue. From what I've read, AMD is supposedly aware of the problem and they're working on a new driver version. Another member stated that the new driver isn't compatible with older cards YET.

I haven't found proof of either statements, but that's how the rumors are going on. My advice would be to meanwhile install the latest display driver found on your PC manufacturer website, be it the latest for Win 7 or Win 8. Both driver versions are supposed to be compatible for Windows 10.