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Journeyman III

HELP: RX 5700XT Won't Drive My Monitor's Max Rez

I have an old HP L3065 2560x1600 rez monitor. I just bought a new machine with the 5700XT installed. I promptly updated the latest Radeon software which is dated mid October of 2020. I'm using a dual monitor setup and the other monitor's resolution is correctly displayed at 1600x1200. However, with my HP the max selectable resolution is 1280x800! I tried to create a custom resolution but the software reports that my monitor doesn't support that res. I've been using this monitor at max resolution for years driven by an old NVidia card with zero issues. How do I fix this? 

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Does the HP have the right resolution if it is the only one hooked up? 

I can tell you I have seen other complaints about resolutions other than the standard 1080, 1440, 4k etc over the past couple years in general and I have seen many complaints specifically with multi monitor setups with Navi in particular. I only wish I had ever seen a solution for you . 

Also these forums are just USERS helping USERS. You might want to also ask AMD support:

You can also talk to the support department of the company that made your GPU, they may be able to help. 

If you didn't try setting up a custom resolution with CRU you might try that. It is a free utility from and see if that fairs any better.