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Adept I

Help me black screen issue

Hi just brought 6800xt for a new build, installed windows successfully, but as soon as try to install the gpu drivers and get prompted to restart windows to complete install, the screen goes black after the windows load screen appears, the monitor then detects no signal but everything is on keyboard, mouse etc etc. Tried re installing windows from scratch and used ddu to clean any driver installs but as soon as try install the drivers again same thing happens?!? Spent hours now trying to find a solution

system specs

cpu 5900x

mobo asus rog strix e

gpu 6800xt

psu Corsair rm1000x

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Journeyman III

Have you turned off the power supply to the computer and power source to the monitor (ie unplug everything), wait 30 seconds, plug it all back in?


Yes left it for a while and tried switching it back on/off same thing occurs, it just won’t go into windows main screen, and no signal going to the monitor thereafter, but everything else has power n lights on


Hey man, sorry to hear your having this.

I had a similar mini heart attack but all it was just replacing my HDMI cable and it fixed it? Is all the cabling looking good?


I’ll test the cabling tonight but can’t see it’s the cable because, it works up until the install of the Amd driver software once this is uninstalled everything is fine but just doesn’t even finish install and screen goes black. Arghhhhhhhhh