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Journeyman III

Hello, I have some problems with the drivers

I'm trying to download a driver for the ATI FirePro V7800 but when I download a driver or something it says my hardware is wrong and when I download something else it doesn't work. Does anyone have a driver or something? It asks me for version 22.8.2

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That AMD Pro GPU card is quite old and not supported by AMD driver updates anymore. The last supported driver is from 2017 for Windows 10 or older OSes:

Is this where you downloaded your V7800 AMD Driver from?

If you not sure of which GPU you have installed, download and run GPU-Z and that will show the exact GPU card you have installed.


Journeyman III

ATI FireProV7800 (FireGL V)
GPU: Cypress

I don't understand why it doesn't work now. Before, I was always fluent and didn't ask me for anything.


Please post your PC information including Windows version.

I would download the Driver from AMD download site.  I don't know how reliable that website is that you linked to.

The link I posted in my last reply is for the Firepro V7800 Pro GPU card.

The FireGL V is a different model with different Drivers.

Otherwise AMD Moderator of Pro GPU card can help you from here on @fsadough  but he is going to need more information then what you have posted.