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Adept I

helios 500 no freesync


I just bought a new Acer Predator Helios 500 laptop with a Vega 56. However inside Radeon Settings it says that my screen doesn't support freesync. but if I read reviews and product overview pages it says it should have a 60-144 freesync range display.

I have the latest drivers installed. and it's brand new so nothing weird in terms of software (to my knowledge).

Is this problem widespread?

kind regards,


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Acer support should be first port of call on a new product.

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Acer generally has decent support people

Service & Support | Acer Official Site 

Adept I

nevermind people!

I just waited for windows to update everything and then did a new install of the drivers.

not it's working perfectly!

thx for your answers.


Having the same issue. Just bought an Acer Predator Helios 500 AMD edition. Did a fresh install of 1903 from scratch (laptop came with Windows 10 1809), Freesync is not being detected by Radeon Adrenaline 19.9.2. Unfortunately for me since I had to import mine I will get absolutely zero support out of Acer Malaysia.

Update: Let Winblow$ update downgrade my drivers from 19.9.2 to 18.12.something. Control panel refused to launch. Went to Device Manager, forced the drivers back to 19.9.2, and Freesync becomes available.

And then this repeated this morning when I did a clean upgrade to 19.9.3. After my laptop resumed to a static-filled screen and refused to respond until I hard reset (hold power button for 10 seconds).

Ran DDU, wiped all traces of Radeon. Remaining disconnected from the internet, I installed 19.9.3 and Freesync became "not available" again but now shows Radeon Image Sharpening as available.

Reconnected to internet. Winblow$ proceeded to downgrade me to 18.12.x again. This time Control Panel will launch, but shows Freesync as now available but RIS is no longer available.

Again, used Device Manager to force the 19.9.3 drivers back. Now both are available.

Question is, why doesn't the 19.9.3 drivers work with Freesync out of the box? Why do I need to let Windows downgrade the drivers to 18.12.x to get Freesync?


fund a solution:

I) clean install newest drivers,

II) get Custom Resollution Utility:

CRU (Custom Resolution Utility) Tips, Tricks and Monitors OC (LCD/LED/CRT) | guru3D Forums 

III) run CRU and follow the steps:

freesync repair.jpg

-> step 7: type in refresh rate range - for this display official range is 60 - 144Hz. Then Accept and OK out of the CRU

-> step 8: restart the pc,

-> step 9: notification about freesync display connected should appear, Freesync option is now available!

Happy to share!

P.S.: Probably new drivers just clear the information from registry about display refrash rate range... 


altho it doesn't seem to work for me unfortunately. Could you tell me what your H and V properties are when you press edit in CRU (the edit button, at the top). because that's completely empty and according to the internet there should be properties there for freesync.


Well, I just had to redo the process cause windows "updated" the drivers back to ver 17.12.

Now I have blocked windows updates for hardware - should stay on newest version now.

Yeah, I read about it too, freesync displays should have values there. Somehow the one in this laptop does NOT. It may be Acer's doing. I checked when I was on driver version 17.12. and there is nothing. 

Make sure you add the extension block for (active) display.

Basically, clean install -> restart -> CRU add extension block for freesync range -> restart

ah it just took awhile for the driver to catch on. now it works again thank you